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Brookfield farm

Nana’s vinyard summers

Cereals are also grown on the farm and Vince has a small flock of Cotswold lions sheep. One day Vince decided to write “The Yellow Hat Tribe” in sunflower seeds across a field, as the plants grew “The Yellow Hat Tribe”could be seen for miles.

Vince then acquired a Irish Cob called Boy, then he bought a cart and with some help Boy was trained to pull the cart, they would go out on the cotswold roads not returning home for hours Boy loved it, so did Vince.

Brookfield Ostrich Farm

Vince is a farmer who always likes a challenge, studied Ostriches in the early nineties and built a flock of good stock, although the market dropped he still has ostriches, and the blown ostrich eggs can be purchased in the Yellow Hat Gallery.

Irene once asked Vince could they go to France to see the sun flowers growing Vince replied no need to go there, I will grow some for you. So for many year she grew a huge field of sunflowers, Irene painted them in many ways “Sunny Honey ” available as a limited edition print was Farm-sunflowersinspired by the field of sunflowers, people came from afar to buy the flowers and also visit the gallery at the same time, Vince also took the flowers to farmers markets.

Close up of one of our Ostriches
Ostrich in the woodland


Two donkeys also live on the farm Kisi, and kacoo both girls the gentlest animals on the farm, often Vince and Irene take them for walks.There are also 4 running ducks who always walk in a line.

The lady of the house

Irene is a country girl with a bright and colourful personality that’s reflected in her paintings. The vitality of her pictures hides her tough country upbringing and travelling around the world.

Irene in Antigua

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