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The Yellow Hat Tribe Irene Tyack

The Yellow Hat Tribe art gallery is bursting with vitality, colour and sunshine, full of bright, numerous and exciting paintings created by the artist Irene Tyack. Much of her wonderful work features the Yellow Hat Tribe in amusing and crazy situations; dancing, singing, playing music, riding crazy bikes and turning everyday life into funny colourful situations.

It's not difficult to understand the universal appeal of her paintings - they exude an irresistible mood-lifting approach to life.

The Yellow Hat Tribe has been featured on Heart of the Country, one of ITV's longest-running programmes, and as a result, there was a huge increased interest in Irene's work. People now travel from far and wide to visit the gallery.

Cotswold Artist

Irene and Vince Tyack

Irene George married Vince Tyack, the ostrich farmer and sunflower grower in September 2006. Irene is now painting under the name of Irene Tyack. On their honeymoon to Mauritius she found inspiration for her new limited edition print, The Cane Cutters, signed in her new name.

About The Art Gallery

The Yellow Hat Tribe Art Gallery, which is also a studio is well worth a visit. You can see the artist Irene creating her new paintings, the light radiating in from the entrance door is the best place on the farm to paint, over a 1000 paintings have been created here. This is a gallery with a difference, it’s full of sunshine and happiness.

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The Yellow Hat Tribe Art Gallery

Lavendar daze
Vince is a farmer in the Cotswolds who always likes a challenge, studied Ostriches in the early nineties and built a flock of good stock, although the market dropped he still has ostriches, and the blown ostrich eggs can be purchased in the Yellow Hat Tribe Gallery.

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